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Su Chang 苏畅

Su Chang 苏畅

Guzheng Player 古筝演奏家

苏畅,任教于中央⾳乐学院,著名古筝演奏家。被中央电视台誉为“光荣绽放——新⼗⼤古筝演奏 家”,2019年团市委⾸届“关爱⻘年——年度⼈物”;APEC未来之声创变者2020年度⼈物;畅.如 是艺术⽂化艺术总监;“⼀带⼀路中德国际⽐赛”形象⼤使。苏畅1998年考⼊中央⾳乐学院附⼩, ⼀路保送升⼊中央⾳乐学院附中、本科、研究⽣。曾获得"⻰⾳"杯国际⼤赛⾦奖;第⼀届⽂华 杯⺠族器乐独奏⽐赛⾦奖;⾸届CCTV⺠族器乐电视⼤赛弹拨组⾦奖。苏畅应邀在全国四⼗⼏个 城市地区巡演,⾜迹遍布三⼗⼏个国家。

Su Chang, currently teaching at the China Central Conservatory in Beijing, is a well known guzheng player in China and abroad. Hailed as one of the top 10 new guzheng artists by CCTV, she has received numerous awards and accolades from all over the world and has performed across the globe in over 30 countries.

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