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Shawn Moor 莫灵风

Violinist 小提琴家

Shawn Moore is an American artist, currently teaching and performing in China, the US and other locations throughout the world. He is currently the Musician in Residence for the Yale Club of Beijing, and has formerly been Musician in Residence at the Peking University Affiliated High School and visiting professor at Nanjing School of the Arts. Shawn is a versatile artist, at home on the stage in English or Mandarin in a variety of roles, having previously studied xiangsheng with renowned pedagogue Ding Guangquan. Recent performances include musical improv and acting in Shanghai magical musical production, “Field of Dreams”, a New Year’s performance in Haikou in collaboration with famed composer Tan Dun, and numerous recitals and chamber music programs in the fall of 2019 in China and the US.  Shawn is Bard College’s Chief Representative for Asia. 


While pursuing his career as a musician, Shawn also concurrently works as Bard College’s Chief Representative for Asia. He has been based in Beijing since the fall of 2014. Shawn is passionate about languages and communication in general – be it musical, linguistic or otherwise. He is a graduate of Bard College and Yale University. Shawn is a Si-Yo Artist.

Violinist Shawn Moor 莫灵风

小提琴演奏家莫灵风(Shawn Moore)来自美国芝加哥。他一直活跃于世界各地的音乐舞台,现任北京耶鲁校友会音乐总监,曾担任北京大学附属中学特聘驻校音乐家,南京艺术学院客座教授。在此同时他担任巴德学院亚地区首席代表。除了音乐之外莫灵风也热爱世界各国的不同文化,擅长以多种方式与他人沟通,精通汉语和韩语,本科毕业于巴德学院小提琴专业和东亚学专业(双学位),硕士毕业于耶鲁大学。莫灵风是一个Si-Yo艺术家。自2014年起在北京定居。

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