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Dr.K with Mahdi final.jpg

The Secret Notes of Dr. K is an intimate one-man show that combines music, magic and story-telling, taking place at the intimate concert hall in the back of the Steinway Piano Gallery in Toronto. The show, starring Dr. K, the composer/magician/violist was created from a compilation of notes on his eccentric life, all the content, including the surreal and mystical, are based on real accounts that he has personally experienced. For example, there will be a special appearance of one of his piano students: a man named Mahdi Gilbert, who was born without hands. Dr. K will be sharing the story of how he helped to turn Mahdi's piano dream into reality. The show will also include presentations explaining Dr. K's theories on the magical properties of music and the malleable nature of reality. If you want to learn about how we can use music to shape our thoughts, and how to use thoughts to shape the reality we experience, then this is a show you will not want to miss! Come join us on July 6th at the Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto for an evening of music, wonder, and reality bending. Mahdi might even play a bit of piano for the 52 lucky people who are able to get tickets for this rare musical magical event!

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