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Kemin Zhang 张科民

Kemin Zhang, Canadian Chinese musician/magician. Born into a musical family, he was classically trained in piano and violin since a young age, but a fire-breathing black book sparked his interest in magic at 13. He began to study magic from Canadian magician Jim Johnstone, and have been straddling between music, magic and what seems to be reality ever since. At the age of 17, he began performing professionally at Toronto’s Granite Club, sharing many mysterious moments with its esteemed members in between sets of piano performance. Since 2004, Kemin started his television career and made contributions to TV shows such as "Magic Training Camp” (CCTV) and "I Love Full House”(CCTV), "Magic Heroes” (Hunan Satellite TV),"Amazing Magicians” (Jiangsu Satellite TV), etc. as a magician, magic instructor, and magic consultant. In 2011, he co-authored an original magical musical titled “Joker’s Game”, which won "Best Production Award" and “Audience Choice Award" at the Dongguan Musical Theatre Festival. In 2018, he co-wrote and starred in the original production of "That Physics Show" Chinese edition, adapted from the drama desk award winning off-broadway hit, adding a touch of magic to the original version as well as composing music and lyrics for its bilingual theme song, receiving the praise of industry insiders as well as audiences of all ages.

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During the Chinese National Day holiday season of the same year, he served as the artistic director in Asia's largest multi-media magic show “Ocean of Dreams", packing the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Shanghai with an audience of ten thousand. Then again the next year with the same show at Shanghai Expo Celebration Square, with support from Shanghai Pudong District government, the show was chosen to serve as the final entertainment at the closing gala of Shanghai Tourism Festival.

During the pandemic, Kemin began to perform on ZOOM, and wrote a "Bukaopu Music History" edutainment online course, reaching fans from Canada, USA, China and parts of Europe with funny stories of classical composers. During the lockdown, he also developed ideas for the "Something Show", an evening of family entertainment with music and magic, which opened in Toronto after the lockdown was finally over.

In 2022, by invitation from the Hong Kong Culture Art & Creative Centre (HKCACC), Kemin became the first artist to participate in their Artist in Residency program. During his stay, he hosted a series of events, combining his music and magic with art auctions, while taking inspirations from Hong Kong to create a series of audio and visual pieces, which were published and minted as NFT digital assets.

Today, Kemin travels between Canada, US and parts of Asia, bringing his unique "east-meets-west" style to his audiences with his English+Mandarin bilingual musical magical comedy act. 

张科民,加拿大籍华裔音乐人/魔术师。出生于音乐世家,自由学习钢琴和小提琴,13岁,因一本会喷火的黑皮书结缘魔术,师从加拿大魔术师 Jim Johnstone;自此行于音乐,魔幻与现实之间;17岁登台多伦多花岗岩俱乐部 (Granite Club),演奏钢琴之余与其会员分享神秘瞬间。自2004年起,张科民以魔术师、魔术指导,魔术顾问等身份,参与录制央视《魔术训练营》及《我爱满堂彩》、湖南卫视《魔术群英会》、江苏卫视《超凡魔术师》等多档电视节目。


2011年,他参与创作的魔术音乐剧《王牌游戏》,荣获当年中国东莞音乐剧节“最佳制作奖”和“最受观众喜爱奖”。2018年,他参与编剧并主演了引进美国外百老汇的《物理秀》(That Physics Show) 中文版,为其谱写主题歌, 并以男主角的身份在剧中扮演”Y博士“, 受到了国内外业内人士的以及观众的好评。2018年的国庆期间,他在亚洲首场万人多媒体大型魔术秀《梦幻海上》中担任艺术总监。2019年同期, 在受到上海市浦东新区商务委员会和世博地区开发管理委员会的指导下, 《梦幻海上》被选为上海旅游节闭幕式的主场秀。

疫情期间, 他开展了线上ZOOM魔术秀的表演并编写了一套《不靠谱音乐野史》网络课程, 用寓教于乐的形式给遍布在加拿大,美国,中国及欧洲各地的大小朋友们普及西方古典音乐。与此同时, 他还创作了小剧场音乐魔术秀“The Something Show”, 在2022年加拿大疫情完全解封之后给多伦多的观众们再一次带来了线下演出的美好体验。

2022年, 张科民应邀参加了香港文化艺术创意中心(HKCACC)的艺术家驻留计划, 成为此项目的第一任驻留艺术家。期间, 他在香港举办了一系列艺术沙龙, 用自己独特的方式把音乐,魔术和艺术品拍卖融为一体, 并从香港吸取灵感创作了一系列的音乐和视觉艺术作品, 以NFT的形式发布为数字藏品。

如今,他活跃在加拿大,美国,和亚洲部分地区, 以他独特的方式将中西文化融合在一起, 以中英双语音乐魔术脱口秀的形式把欢乐带给他的观众们

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