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Kanako Ochiai


Kanako Ochiai is from Tokyo, Japan. She started to study Chinese at Ferris University in 2002, and later studied at East China Normal University in 2005. After that, she won a Chinese government scholarship to study Japanese and Chinese comparative culture at Zhejiang University and wrote her Master's thesis on"Comparison on Poetic Images through the Poems of Tian Yuan". In the context of Japanese and Chinese culture, she is perfectly able to perceive the nuances of languages and writes poetry. She has established Zhejiang Yui Culture and Creative Development Co., Ltd. and created KAZARI jewelry brand, she is responsible for the design and is the Creative Director. This brand displays the intangible beauty of respect for nature and the inheritance of culture in a visually recognizable way.


落合香菜子(Kanako Ochiai),来自日本东京。 2002年在菲利斯大学开始学习汉语,2005年在华东师范大学留学,此后她获得了中国政府奖学金,在浙江大学研究中日比较文化,编写了“诗歌意象差异ー以田原诗歌为例”,获得硕士学位。 在日本和中国文化的背景下,她熟练地感知语言的微妙之处,并创作诗歌。 目前,成立浙江余壹文化创意有限公司,在珠宝品牌“錺KAZARI”负责设计创意,此品牌以视觉上可识别的方式展现了对自然的尊重和对文化的传承的无形之美。


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