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Inmi Song Thomas

Inmi Song Thomas is a professional musical actress with an extensive international career.  She has performed in numerous musicals such as: The Lion King, 42nd Street, A Chorus Line, Jesus Christ Superstar, Crazy For You, Contact, and West Side Story.

Now based in New York City, she has worked as singer, dancer, and choreographer in Japan, Korea and USA, and as a DJ host for Radio FM 87.7.  Inmi is also a translator and interpreter of Korean and Japanese at Broadway Dance Center. She has performed in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, The Cutting Room, and New York City Center.

Inmi has studied with Bettina Sheppard since 2010, and has since served as assistant teacher for Bettina’s vocal classes at Broadway Dance Center. She is a member of Bridges Vocal Ensemble, SAVA Singers, and the parish choir at NY Christ Church.

Inmi Song Thomas

英米·宋·托马斯(Inmi Song Thomas)是一位专业音乐女演员,具有广泛的国际职业生涯。 她曾在众多音乐剧中演出,例如:狮子王,第42街,歌舞线上,耶稣基督超级巨星,为你疯狂,接触和西区故事。 

她现在定居在纽约,曾在日本,韩国和美国担任歌手,舞蹈家和编舞,以及FM 87.7电台的DJ主持人。  Inmi还是百老汇舞蹈中心的韩语和日语翻译和口译员。 她曾在卡内基音乐厅,林肯中心,麦迪逊广场花园,剪辑室和纽约市中心演出。 

Inmi自2010年从师Bettina Sheppard,此后一直担任百老汇舞蹈中心Bettina声乐课的助理老师。 她是Bridges Vocal Ensemble,SAVA Singers和NY Christ Church唱诗班成员。

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